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Petak, Novembar 08, 2019

What's your present timeline for release? This summer our team is working hard to launch Astellia. Stay tuned for more details in the forthcoming days.Rest assuredyou won't have to wait to get your hands on beta tests and also the Astellia Online Asper launched product.What do you believe are the features that will most appeal to western players? The Astel system enables players to do and be exactly what they need, which is what we believe is going to appeal to gamers the most.

Astellia also features what is called"Avalon" this is a designated location for PvP to take place. Avalon is a continuous PvP map where three factions compete for control of other objectives, monsters, and refuge. Play a part but also allow for teams to contribute, each Avalon effort is a week long, and is intended to permit both large scale combat.

We need both PvE and PvP gamers to locate a place in Astellia and we do it by giving players a location to PvP. In this manner the PvPers have a large open world area to resist and the PvErs are not made to experience that, everyone gets to choose.And naturally, we're highlighting our Play to Win strategy, instead of what is often best Astellia Online Asper shop considered"Pay two Win" around MMOs. See below for what we mean.

Is Astellia sandbox title or a theme park? Astellia is definitely a Theme Park sport, in the beginning we've thought a degree of construction and planned content flow will permit us to make a more engaging and vibrant experience for gamers, supporting this perfect Astellia has been created from the ground up to include content of all kinds so players have the liberty to play our game with the content you personally enjoy.

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